Welcome to the first Acroyoga Festival of the Basque Country.

As everyone everywhere, we are very concerned and impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.
But we continue our preparation for the 3th editiction Shakti akroyoga festival . As the dates for the festival Will be at the end of the summer / beggining of autum from 25 -27 September 2020, we believe we have a good chance that shakyi akroyoga festival would take place as planned. Of course, the final decision will not be ours, but will be the decision of national, local and state authorities that will determine the situation in Spain as well as the situation worldwide. In the meantime, please continue to interact with us. We kindly ask all selected all Teachers and program it is ready to present to you , we are very excites about this 3rd edition.

We present the third edition of the Shakti Akroyoga Festival, three days of AcroYoga workshops, Yoga, Thai Massage, family activities and activities for children, Kirtan & fire, talks, debates, vegetarian rich food, spa and nature walks .

Save the dates! September 25th to 27th, 2020!

Please, take care everybody, stay healthy and keep the spirits up. In these difficult times we are all badly missing to do our pracrice together as one of the richest expressions of human beings. Let’s hope that this will be over soon and with not too many victims and sacrifices. We are all continuing working, so please feel free to reach out to for any questions or comments you might have or to tell us how you are and how is the situation in your cities and countries.We are looking forward to seeing everybody in September .

Just as we finished the first edition of the festival, we starded working on the next one and thus be able to offer you the best in these three days of celebration of life, connection, rest, community and above all lots of AcroYoga.

We hope you can come and enjoy with us this wonderful weekend!

Shakti Akroyoga Festival will be held once again at the facilities of the Amalurra Community, located in Artzentales (Bizkaia). A place full of magical corners to connect with nature and rest, relax and enjoy.→ www.amalurra.com

The festival’s programme is based on the practice of AcroYoga as the main activity and promotes the participation of the female gender as a protagonist of this discipline. In the following weeks, we will be announcing the different teachers that will participate in the next edition of the festival, which will include local teachers, as well as national and international ones.

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