September 25th-27th 2020

Shakti Akroyoga Festival aspires to be a reference festival in the Basque Country to spread the practice of AcroYoga, a discipline that grows more and more every day.

This festival also wants to recognize the female gender in AcroYoga: Shakti is the Sanskrit word for the feminine aspect of energy within the framework of Hinduism. It manifests as a creative and nourishing force, which empowers the gifts of divine beings, not as something separate from them, but as an aspect of their being.

Therefore, we want to promote a celebration where women can be the protagonists in AcroYoga, finding their place in this discipline, either in the role of bases or flyer, as well as the innate caregiver role of spotters, being leaders of their own bodies and projects.

In its first edition in September 2018, el Shakti Akroyoga Festival already attracted a lot of participants, who came to share and celebrate (and even curious to know this thing called acroyoga and try it for the first time!). This year the festival wants to grow, with a larger organizational team, following the idea and direction of Gloria Peón, with more activities, more disciplines, more capacity…

What is AcroYoga?

It is a discipline that springs from Yoga, which with regular practice brings incredible benefits both in the individual and at the community level, cultivating trust, connection and joy. AcroYoga fuses the spiritual wisdom of Yoga with the therapeutic sensitivity of Thai massage and the dynamic power of acrobatics.

AcroYoga is a beautiful way to share our yoga practice with another person, two people or with a whole group, known or unknown, always looking for the balance between the connection with oneself and with others, through movements, postures and balance, in harmony.

What else…?

In addition, you can enjoy different styles of Yoga, Thai Massage and other alternative therapies, Ecstatic Dance and much more! Check the program for more information.

Team Shakti

Gloria Peón

Founder and director of the project

Although the festival was born in September 2018, in “La Glo”‘s head the idea had been developing for a long time. Finally this past year 2018 it materialized and took shape, as she found the ideal place for its celebration in the facilities of Amalurra.

She has worked as an aerial acrobat for the last ten years and has traveled throughout Europe with her show. Yoga has been part of her training from the beginning and through yoga began to awaken other bodily abilities, such as body awareness. AcroYoga appeared on her way as a gift to heal the body, as well as to share and connect with other people. In her classes she likes to share from the opening of the soul so that everybody can have love and fun. She believes that the smile is generous for the body and loosens tensions and fears.




Design, community manager


Web design

2019 Teachers

Anke Schulz

Ecstatic Dance

My name is Anke and I’m originally from Berlin. I’m an artist and musician. I’m on my spiritual path for over 25 years and I have trained myself in different body techniques in Brazil, Germany and Spain. I learned and enjoyed Tantra, Yoga, Dance, art therapy, active Osho meditations, Ayurveda Yoga massage and tantric massage. I currently live in Bilbao working with regular Ecstatic Emotion Dance sessions, DJ, meditation classes and conscious touch. In my own office I offer tantric massage for men, women and couples.

Aude Peronne

Yoga, AcroYoga, Aromatherapy

I like to move and I like to explore different lines and spaces of movement. I also enjoy the stillness with meditation and Pranayama. For me Yoga is lived in every moment, in every detail, being in the world in an increasingly conscious and sensitive way, attentive. I practice Yoga since 2007 and I developed my practice until I certified myself as an Anusara Yoga teacher. In 2015 I also certified as an AcroYoga teacher. This discipline gave me many tools about specific physical training and group management, community, creating more human links. I love the lunar part of Acroyoga, through therapeutic flying and Thai massage. In the last 3 years I have been training in phyto-aromatherapy, integrating it into the practice of Yoga.

Clay Burns

Thai Massage, Kirtan

Since he was young he has been attracted by complementary therapies and has worked with different styles of healing, from music, yoga or dance, to indigenous traditions. Licensed massage therapist, certified by Crestone Healing Arts Center, he has studied with different masters in oriental and western styles in different countries of the world, and specializes in Thai Massage. Music has also been an essential part of his journey, which led him to study singing and various instruments and then share his experiences through his voice.

Leander van de Visse


15 years ago Leander saw a yoga demonstration by an old man. He was so impressed that he decided to start practicing, as well. This sparked an interest in spirituality and natural medicine and he wanted to live in nature for a while. He moved to the Peruvian jungle and found a job in a national park. He loved it so much there that he ended up staying for several years, exploring the jungle and hanging out with the monkeys. Back in Amsterdam he studied at the Iokai Shiatsu School and later went to India to study Ashtanga Yoga. He now works as a massage therapist. Having lived with the monkeys he felt right at home when he discovered the acro community.

Miren de Marcos

Family Yoga, Slow Power Yoga, Tantra Yoga

Dedicated to the social world for more than 10 years, she has taken the road to self-knowledge starting from her feminine side. Social and gender educator, sexual and couple therapist, facilitator of women’s circles and Moon Mother… She trained as an Aero Yoga teacher with the AnyaYoga school; continued with a beautiful and transformative Tantra yoga training at Durga’s Tiger School; Yoga for children and families with the Ioga i nens center; and this last year has had the wonderful opportunity to train as a Yoga teacher for pregnancy at the Maya Center

Nunu Casamor


She studied fine arts, aerial circus techniques, meditation, reiki, yoga… “When I discoverded Acroyoga I found the integration of all my experiences, there were all the disciplines, both acrobatic, artistic and meditative. AcroYoga is for me a powerful tool for personal growth and community.

Trained as an Acroyoga teacher with: Partner Acrobatics, Acroyoga International and Acroyoga Montreal. In the last 6 years she has been traveling to offer workshops in Spain, Thailand, India, Mexico and Colombia. She loves to give fun workshops and research so that everyone can find their own style.

Saioa Hornilla

Vinyasa Yoga

Jnaneshwari is a High School teacher of Literature and Philosophy, and has been a Yoga teahcer for 12 years. She is ar esearcher and educator in the field of Meditation,the  Mind and Consciousness through the techniques of Yoga.

After several years as a practitioner of martial arts and yoga, since 2007 she has been trained with Sivananda Vedanta Yoga Center (TTC Yoga Siromani), Danilo Hernandez “Swami Digambarananda Saraswati” (“Sadhana Synthesis”), Srivatsa Ramaswami (Core Vinyasa Krama TTC & Essentials of Vinyasa Krama Yoga), Jose Luis Cabezas (TTC Dynamic Yoga), Andrei Ram (TTC Hatha Raja Yoga Training Courses), Barath Setthy (Hatha Yoga, Indian Yoga), Sri Dharma Mittra (Dharma Yoga, New York) and Simon Park (Vinyasa Flow).

Sandra de San José

AcroYoga, Family AcroYoga

She discovered Yoga 10 years ago. While practicing and trying other styles she learned about aerial yoga and AcroYoga and the later led her to discover the world of Thai massage. For a few years she devoted herself to travel in Asia to do different trainings in Thai massage, yoga, acroyoga and wuo tai. She made the Teacher Training with AcroYoga International in 2014 in Mexico and since then teaches AcroYoga in Madrid and its surroundings. Her training in Yoga for children and her motherhood in 2015 went hand in hand with other ways of sharing AcroYoga with young and old until she did the Family AcroYoga Teacher Training in 2018 in Brussels. Her passion is to share Yoga and AcroYoga with adults, children and families so that these practices and their benefits can create a more conscious, peaceful and loving world.

Vanesa cuesta


Licenciada en Administración y dirección de empresas, licenciada en Antropología social y cultural, trabaja en el departamento contable de varias empresas y organizaciones durante la mayor parte de su vida profesional. Motivada por el despertar de la consciencia corporal decide formarse como profesora de yoga aéreo en Anya yoga aéreo y más adelante se titula como profesora de yoga integral por la Escuela Mahashakti descubriendo el verdadero sentido y profundidad del yoga. Tras comprobar en sí misma el poder de transformación en todos los planos del ser decide enfocarse hacia la trasmisión de esta valiosa herramienta con el propósito de compartir y facilitar la experiencia del encuentro con la realidad profunda de cada uno de nosotros, la cual nos acerca a un estado perdurable de paz, amor y alegría calmada. Actualmente además de ofrecer clases de yoga Integral, meditación y yoga aéreo, forma parte del equipo de formadores de la Escuela de Yoga Integral Mahashakti. 

Tiago Rocha

Rocket Yoga

Professor of reference in Barcelona and throughout Spain, he is one of the most dedicated exponents of Rocket Yoga and AcroYoga practices. May be emphasized his precise approach in anatomical alignment and his multiple methodologies for the teaching of inverted postures, balance on the arms and transitions.

With more than 1000 hours certified and invested in study and more than 5000 hours teaching, Tiago proposes a pedagogy of very high level, for serious and committed students who wish to safely access advanced practices without leaving behind the true purposes of Yoga, which for Tiago they represent the most important aspect of this road.