Shakti Akroyoga Festival is held in the facilities of the Hotel Rural Amalurra, and participants in the festival have the option of staying at their hotel or the hostel, as well as eating at the restaurant. Remember that it is essential to book in advance both the accommodation and meals, with the following form.


Single room at the hotel: 49€/night

Double room at the hotel: 31€/person-night

Triple or quadruple room at the hotel: 25€/person-night

Hostel (7 beds): 19€ /person-night

Keep in mind…

Rooms will be completed according to the order of the reservations. If you have a preference with whom to share the room, indicate it when filling out the booking form.
There is no Camping
 / Caravan option.


Breakfast: 9€/person-day

Lunch: 11€/person-day

Dinner: 16€/person-day

Whole meals package: 62€/person

(all meals from Friday’s dinner to Sunday’s lunch)

What is included?

The food is vegetarian.
Breakfast buffet.
Light meal of one course and dessert.
Dinner includes two courses and dessert.

NOTE: the organization of the festival is not responsible for the management of accommodation and food, beyond providing the information by Amalurra.
All managemet in this regard will be made directly with Amalurra. Prices with VAT included..